"Because knowing who you are, and what really is best for you, is the most valuable thing you can ever learn."

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Summer/Dawn/Skynet - Poznan, Poland

by Erik Witsoe

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Today in forensics we were looking at a picture of a bunny and one girl mentioned her hate for rabbits. Obviously, everyone was shocked. I very calmly turned around and said

"I get it, bunnies aren’t as cute as everyone supposes. They’ve got them hoppy legs and twitchy little noses. And what’s with all the carrots?"

My friends were amazed with my buffy quoting abilities


Sisters Night-In
Drawn for dance_the_dance, who generously bid on me for Fandom Aid. She asked for the Mills sisters “being adorable, or being badass, or being adorable and badass at the same time”.
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A (wee) splash of color

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like honestly if you’re a dude with a huge following I think the best feminist activism u can do is just to reblog women’s voices i really think you should not be giving ur opinion on anything feminist whatsoever just knowing that people are gonna take what u say to be the FeministTruth when u really have no place speaking about it at all

and that is why men don’t like you

what about my post made you think that i want men, as a group, to like me

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like, okay, i understand the “no, taylor, girl-on-girl hate is bad” response, but




Former porn producer/pornographer Donny Pauling

*Pauling has been contracted by Playboy and “other well known [porn] companies” and spent 9 years working in the industry. - (x)

"Donny Pauling recruited 500 1st time porn actresses. He says most were college students." - (x)

I feel so weird about this. From an information-based, exposure of harm perspective, it’s great that anti-porn feminists have connections from the porn industry who can talk about the manipulative and abusive practices used by the actual pimps/pornographers, but obviously…I can’t not hate this guy. He aided and enabled the rapes and abuses of hundreds of young women and now he’s turned his life around and become an anti-porn activist. I don’t know man, I just feel like any feminist who is willing to work with these types of dudes should be really, really careful with how they go about it.

Agreed with commentary. It’s a really precarious situation. He should be held fully accountable for the actions, harm and suffering that he has caused. However, if he’s also willing and able to stop other men from participating in this toxic and misogynistic behaviour, then I think that’s a good thing.

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But then fucknokinkshaming’s whole analysis and perspective is based on “we have orgasms so it’s okay :D”

We’re going so far with that.




tbh anyone involved in dd/lg relationships shouldn’t be allowed to have or be around children.

This idea that people who practice a kink in the bedroom aren’t capable of separating it from day-to-day life is ableist as fuck.

Wow do you even fucking know what ableism means. I guess not.


Just gonna leave this right here

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In response to anyone who thinks they have an fierce inner black woman in them and is not in fact, a black woman

See the thing about that fire and that “fierceness” is that it’s born out of our oppression, out of always being told that we are ugly, that our bodies are too fat or too muscular, that we don’t have the right kind of hair — and having to deconstruct all those things and tell ourselves that we are beautiful even though society is telling us that we are not.  

That strength is born out of always having to defend ourselves against white supremacy and anti-black-woman-patriachy. From years of not seeing ourselves represented in anything aligned with beauty, of buying products that are made to make us look like not ourselves.

So there is no way you could have an inner black woman in you. You have not experienced our struggle, you don’t know it, you haven’t lived it, and you can’t imagine it. 

See, you can’t sit with us, because we haven’t been able to sit at your table since our existence in this country. And while we were being excluded from your table we made our own, and it is fabulous and fly. And of course you now want to try and have a seat at our table, take our table, use it and ignore all the labor that went into creating THAT table.

But nah, sorry boo boo.

You ain’t never going to be us, you can try to wear your hair like us, you can try to dance like us, talk like us, wish you were us, but know this —


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