I got this on email yesterday. It’s a legit ad for a legit investment company. It’s NOT spam. Here is a page on their site with the same ad.

The ad says: “Your woman earns more than you? Change it! Start making money online.” The URL of the page says “wife” instead of “woman”.


In a world where most women actually earn less than men, unfairly, someone thought that this would be a fun ad. So the few women who actually earn more than men don’t deserve it, only because they’re not men? And men automatically deserve to earn more than women, only because they’re men? WHAT.

(And don’t get me started on that image. Housework is degrading and not ~manly. Obviously. /sarcasm)

I sent them an email about it yesterday. I still haven’t got any reply, but I don’t even really care about their generic reply. Just…


Here is their contact form if any of you would want to tell them what you think about this. You have to include your email AND check the box at the bottom where they say that they are going to keep your information and can use it in the future, so it’s a good idea to use mailexpire (or just make up a fake email address if you don’t want a reply).

But tbh the point of this post is not even asking other people to contact that company, it’s just sharing my WTF WHO WOULD EVER THINK THAT THIS AD WOULD BE A GOOD IDEA reaction with other people who see the problem too.

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